How to withdraw from expresscrypto to any coins wallet

Are you stuck on and not able to withdraw your coins?

Then you are in right place to know, how you can easily withdraw your cryptocurrency into your wallet or bank.

What are is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that users buy trade and withdrawal crypto coins, Except for trading, which has many features to earn coins from their site like below. offer wall

You can earn cryptocurrency by using the offerwall means which provides some tasks to users like installing apps, visiting websites, using polls or surveys, etc. offer Games

Except for offerwall Expresscrypto had many games offers where you can play games and earn coins.

Like Bingo, Royal Dice, Lottery, and Wheel of fortune.

also, they have a referral program where any people using their referral link earn without work on site.

How to earn

Above I already mentioned 2 unique concepts to earn coins which are Games and Offerwall but except for that 2 concepts you can earn coins and withdrawal them to your bank just by using their referral feature.

Yes, you can just refer friends and earn coins 10% from each referred friend’s earnings from offerwall you get 10% of their total earnings lifetime.

expresscrypto Finance

People also on expresscrypto apply for a loan and as bank and also have saving and stacking features exist on there. You can stack your coins by investing with available stacking features coins and you will get a 4% return yearly.

How to withdraw in expresscrypto

expresscrypto does not have the option to withdraw directly to your bank account. You need another crypto wallet to withdraw your money that provides withdrawal facilities, directly to your bank account.

The process to withdraw in expresscrypto

First of all, let me clear that you must have a minimum withdrawal balance to withdraw coins, so make sure available coins are sufficient to withdraw to know how many coins are able to withdraw.

it’s one of the cons of expresscrypto that you can’t see the minimum withdrawal amount until it approves your withdrawal address.

So hope you know how to deposit coins from a bank or other trading platforms.

but it is simple you can land the page and generate the receiving address where you want to receive the coin.

But make sure only generated coin address deposit same coin from another trading platform: Deposit

Let’s begin with how to withdraw expresscrypto coins to your bank account follow some guidelines below.

  • First, go to the left side navigation Find the Wallet Option and click on Wallet Section.


  • Put the Address where you want to transfer and wait 48 hours to approve the address.

Withdrwal expresscrypto

This method is simple if you have a wallet balance in bitcoin, but if you have another coin balance then you need to exchange to another coin and put the same coin address and make sure your receiving coin address is also the same coin address.

Suppose you want to withdraw from Dashcoin then you must put the dash coin address and you can get it from your receiving coin wallet.

How to Withdraw expresscrypto on Bitcoin or Other Coins

1st of all ensure that your withdrawal coin Address is approved to check you can follow the steps.

  • Goto Dashboard Home Section
  • Find the coin where you have to get the pending balance

Choose Coins

Suppose You have Dash Coin then you can Press Ctrl+F to then Type Dash Coin or if you using mobile then go to the Chrome menu and find the “Find in page” tab and search DogeCoin.

  • Now Click on Balance 
  • Now you can check if your address is approved or not.
  • In my case, it’s not approved yet.

DogeCoin Address

  • When it approves your coin address it’s tale 24 to 48 hours.
  • Now Put a number of Coins and You Can Select either Express withdrawal or Regular.

Express Withdrwal

  • After submitting the withdrawal you will get an email in the inbox you need to click the link inside to confirm the withdrawal.

Express withdrawal confirmation

  • After Confirmation of the status, it needs some time to succeed in the transfer.

status sent expresscrypto

How to reduce the fee on expresscrypto

Do you have coins in bitcoin when you transfer to another bitcoin wallet it is a high fee for transactions.

Then here is Tip to Reduce Less fee for transferring your coins.

  • Swap or exchange your coin for a low volume rate coin
  • Make sure your receiving crypto wallet exists that coin example: Dogecoin, or Dash Coin, and if exists then use TRX (Tron Coin).

How to Swap or Exchange Coin in expresscrypto

Have you are irritated by the high fee for transferring your BTC and want to withdraw your BTC with fewer charges then swap coin is a good option to reduce your fee.

How to swap or exchange expresscrypto follow the guide.

  • 1st click On the exchange Tab on Left Navigation.

swap and exchange expresscrypto

  • Choose Available Coins to swap or exchange

Select Coin expresscrypto

  • Type the amount which you want to exchange

Choose Amount expresscrypto

  • Choose coins to exchange (use low volume coins to avoid high fee charges)

Choose Coins to exchange

  • Now Place an Order and Wait 5 Minutes it will verify automatically.

Place Order expresscrypto

Best BTC Wallet to Transfer expresscrypto to BTC Wallet

If you are from the USA, UK, and another European country then you can use it as a recipient as Coinbase, Blockchain, Payeer, etc.

But if you are Indian then I recommend you don’t go with Payeer it is a time to waste on KYC Updates.

Expresscrypto Less Fee Coins to Withdrawal

Like Dashcoin and Dogecoin “TRON” Coin is the best way to withdraw with a very little fee.

Here is an example I have withdrawn in just 1 TRX Fee it was 0.082 Dollars and 5 to 6 INR.

Here is a screenshot that I withdrew from Expresscrypto

How to Withdrawal expresscrypto to INR (Rupees)

A ton of trading app or website already exist on the internet, that provides a great experience in trading in India.

but I already experienced some of the applications which are when crash market they stopped giving withdrawal.

but still paying some trading application withdrawals and continuing all transactions.

Here is some application where I got paid in the last few weeks.


Zebpay is paying well in the last few weeks when the market crashed. I like the support system in Zebpay. I got replied a few hours and they solve my issue when I faced anything.

When your KYC did and you can withdraw your bitcoin or any coins in 5 minutes but sometimes it takes 2 days for the withdrawal but the fee is very low than on other platforms.

The minimum 100 INR and Maximum 50,00000 fee is only 10 INR.

Zebpay also has a referral program where you get 100 INR for signup bonuses and referral bonuses.

You can get it on GooglePlay here: Zebpay


Wazirx also has amazing trading experience. You can buy and sell and trade instantly. You can buy coins from net banking and UPI or bank account.

While you charged a fewer fee for instant deposit and p2p for 0% charges.

You can withdraw your trading balance instantly in UPI and BANK with a maximum of 2 lakh transactions with 10 INR per transaction.

Refer Program

When you invite any person then you will get a 50% bonus for their trading balance. So keep inviting to earn more as possible to earn.

Read : 

Conclusion : 

I saw many people use some local trading websites and they charge a maximum of 100 to 250 INR or more per transaction. Be aware before trading and doing any transactions must read the terms of conditions or fee terms.

and many BTC wallets accept deposits but they controlled outgoing transactions so make sure you have sufficient knowledge about their services.

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