How to exit/back/restart from recovery menu or fastboot mode non removable battery phone.

How to exit/back/restart from Stuck Fastboot mode non removable battery phone.

How to exit/back/restart from recovery menu, how to exit fastboot mode on non-removable battery phone easily without pc.

Hello, Guys Welcome to New Tutorials or Guide that Commonly Many People’s Faced.

That When You are Going do an activity in Recovery Mode of Your Android Mobile or By Mistake your turn on Boot Mode then you are not able to revert back to normal mode.

So in this article, I will guide you to how you can easily turn back to normal mode.

What is Recovery Mode in Android?

Recovery Mode is hidden features that exist on each and every android phone when some low-configured device doesn’t have such features.

Recovery Mode is designed to access some Advanced features like Hard Reset, Clear Cached Data, Partition Remover or Create new Partition, also Updates Your Phone Software’s Via Recovery Mode, etc.

Why Need Recovery Mode in Android’s

Recovery mode is a very useful and very interesting feature in that you can re-state your phone by hard reset.

Also when your device locked unfortunately via patterns or pin lock and you had forgotten passwords.

Then You Can Easily Reset Your devices via accessing your Recovery mode.

How to Open or Access Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode exists on different features in different devices.

Also having differentiated mode to access in different devices or companies.

So you need to find out the way to open Recovery mode via keys. Some Chinese phones have the same features or ways to open Recovery mode.

What is Key’s to Open Recovery Mode

As I said above, the keys may differ on different companies’ mobile. So it caused not work on some mobiles, However, here is some key’s name that mostly works on some mobile.

To Open Recovery Mode :


  • Volume up + Power Key: Works on Most Mobile.
  • Volume up + Power Key+ Home Key: Work on Samsung Mobile  
  • Volume up+Volume Down+Power Key: If not work above 2 methods

If during the process an error showing No Command. the must check Here:  How to fix no command Android phone

Why Stuck on Recovery Mode

Many people’s used the wrong keys to open Recovery mode like Volume Down+Power Key it’s open Fastboot Mode so it’s only for pc connection so easily connect pc and mobile together with a USB cable.

How to Exit from Stuck Fastboot Mode

When pressing the wrong key or pressed for testing purpose. When Once you entered Fastboot mode you are not able to exit and keys do not work there.

So here are some keys to revert back to normal mode. Please Watch Video carefully.

If still, it does not work then please comment below we are surely given a solution for your mobile.

Some Chines Mobile this process work follow below keys.

Press: Power Key+Volume up Key 4 to 5 times continuously and simultaneously.

Last for Not Least :

Note: This may differ on your mobiles so if doesn’t then don’t worry we will help you to back so comment below if it’s helping or if any issue.


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