how to fix corrupted sd card on android without formatting

how to fix a corrupted sd card on android without formatting have you faced the issue that your sd card is not working on mobile when you insert a mobile chip in mobile?

Then there is a unique and easy solution to recover or resolve the issue again must stay with us.

how to fix corrupted sd card on android without formatting

people searches how to fix corrupted sd card on android without formatting when their sd card is not detected when they already doing several types of research and finally they are disappointed.

Many Videos and Articles you can find on google and youtube suggest you, install software or tool to scan the card and use it for pc to recover.

Sometimes some technical coding can work in pc when they use DOS in PC to recover the bad sector files and finally by good luck it could work.

I suggest you a few steps or way’s to recover the card but I will teach you a few steps that are exactly easy and unique that you can’t see from others.

fix corrupted sd card by Clean The Chip

Yes, guys, you can clean the sd card in cloth by rubbing the card just make sure you have slightly rubbed the card chip and don’t rub too much it may damage your card, so you can try it once.

Fix corrupted sd card in PC without Software

As I mentioned above if you have pc then you can try to repair bad sector files and try to resolve the error.

Read and watch carefully and follow the steps given, I suggest you do it at your own risk.

If you have important data and you don’t want to lose it then you must research and try to fix yourself because when your data once formatted it is hard to recover every file that has important.

Fix corrupted memory card in PC in Software

You can try on premium software that recovered your data but makes sure you have done all things that not works without formatting. Once you formatted the micro sd card no one guarantees that all your files will recover.

But some software is able to recover your data as free or less featured software you have to choose the right one that works for you.

Some are free and some are paid so, first of all, use free professional data recovery software then go for paid and premium here is the video you can watch and try to resolve the issue.

Here is the Top 5 Dara Recovery Software reviews you can watch and find best for you.

Finally, the guy’s now it’s time to use my personal method, and it’s work for me because I already tried and I got the best results.

How to Fix SD Card without Formatting and without using PC

In the last few years, I use this method because it helps me a lot, maybe you heard about it and used it already, and still not working.

Yes, I’m saying Solve The Corrupted SD Card by using old mobile!

Don’t sock I have found and use a mobile brand and especially the model name which I already successfully recovered all data in my pc.

Once you insert the Micro SD Card Into that mobile your sd card will start showing and working!

I told you about “Nokia Mobile” and the Model is Nokia 5233, yes I know it’s hard to trust how an old version of the Nokia mobile read your sd card!

But it’s a true friend I already research many, also I spend many days and finally got it successfully by putting the card into my mobile.

When the microchip card shows up there, I access almost maximum files and all are secured and working.

I can play video images and zip files are working conditions.

95% of files are secured on their copied all files by putting the USB cord and copied my files.

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