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मेरा नाम क्या है गूगल | mera naam kya hai Google

Meme Generator

Meme Generator online is an easy and simple way to Generate your Meme Online and use it in your WhatsApp status or Facebook also in Instagram status.

Through Meme Generator you can use your own photo and text in different ways and share them for fun and wish purposes.

Features Meme Generator

First to last order tools bar in Meme Generator

  1. Typing Mode

1st option in the toolbar is Typing Mode Type Anything in Image by select typing mode.

2. Paint Mode

2nd Option in Toolbar is Paint Mode by select the Paint Mode You can paint it as a pencil with the increased size of brush-like thin to fat.

3. Upload Mode

3rd option in the toolbar is Upload Mode. You can upload your own photo to make a meme.You have 2 options either make a meme on the default image which is provided already or you can use it with your own photo by uploading any image.

You can use Pexels or Unsplash free image provider to get more images for free and use them.

4. Text Box

The text box is by default shown in the image and the second Text Box is show one more when click on the 4th Text Box options.

5. Clear Mode

Clear Mode is especially for Paint options because when you do a mistake or doing wrong paint then you can easily clear all paints. But be careful it will clear all painted lines at the same time when clicked Clear Mode.

6. Preview Mode

Preview Mode needs that time when you want to see your final work. Because in editing mode a Text Box always shows. So it just hides the Text Box.

7. Color Options

7th option is color mode options where you use Text Color, Paint Color, etc.

8. Outline/Shadow Options

8th Options is Outline (A line outside of Text) Shadow (Shadow for text) You can use it in the next color sections.

9. Outline/Shadow Color

A color choice for use in both outline and shadow uses.

10. Quantity of Colors

10th options are quantity of color for Outline and Shadow uses.

11. Text Alignment 

11th Options is you can set your text alignment in Left Center or Right.

12. Spacer with a Variety of options.

The 12th option of Meme Generator is a spacer box that shown by default grey borders on Top Bottom and Both Top-Bottom. If you don’t want that options you can choose None.

13. Percentage of Border Height.

You can choose the border height in Percentage.

14. Color of Border

14th and Last options are the Color type for the border you have 3 color options only which are Black and White and if you choose default then it will show Grey color.

How to use Meme Generator

Meme Generator is very simple to use and make a new one in just under 1 minute and share it also download it for your own use.

Here are few steps to successfully make Meme Generator Online

  • First You have 2 options to make a meme in Meme Generator either you can use an existing image or upload your own image.
  • Just type your text on a text box
  • Then if need use brush, font color, size outline/shadow, etc.
  • Finally, click the save button and it will be listed on the meme page you can download that to your mobile and PC.
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